Medical Privacy and Medical Billing

Medical privacy rights are becoming one of the more problematic areas of law for individuals and medical providers alike. With the advancement of information storage and sharing technology, inadvertent disclosures of confidential medical information is now becoming rather routine. Meanwhile, the law is just beginning to catch up to the technology. Routinely, Mr. Bloom has represented individuals who have suffered violation of their privacy rights pursuant to federal, state, and constitutional law in lawsuits against negligent or reckless medical providers. He has been at the forefront of using federal statutes, like HIPAA (which do not provide a private cause of action) as the standard of care in litigation against healthcare providers. As an example, the firm recently recovered a substantial settlement in favor of a woman whose confidential medical information was disclosed publicly during a medical provider’s advertising campaign. While the law firm routinely protects the rights of individuals who have suffered from privacy breaches, the firm also routinely advises large institutional medical providers and healthcare systems on best practices as they relate to medical privacy. Additionally, Mr. Bloom often provides liability exposure and risk analysis to these corporate entities.

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