Prescription Misfills

When a pharmacy fills your prescription with the wrong medicine, the consequences can be devastating. Not only are victims of pharmacist negligence not getting the medication they need, but they are also exposed to all of the side effects and risks of taking the wrong pill. If you have been injured because of a pharmacy error, please contact us.

Mr. Bloom has substantial experience in the prescription misfill field. Typically, he sees cases where the pharmacist provides the customer with pills that have a similar sounding name to the pills that should have been provided. As an example, Mr. Bloom recovered a substantial settlement for a man who was provided Zolpidem (a heavy sedative also known as Ambien) instead of Zocor (a fairly innocuous cholesterol control medication). Prior to settlement, Mr. Bloom was able to discover that the drawer with the Zolpidem pills was situated right next to the Zocor drawer. This terrible error actually led to our client being diagnosed as having had a stroke before he was able to identify the cause of his extreme sleepiness and speech impediment.

Bloom Law would be happy to provide you with a free case evaluation if you have been injured due to a pharmacy prescription misfill.

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