Motorcycle Accidents

Simply put, it is the insurance company’s goal to play on the common misconception that all motorcyclists are reckless when it comes to operating their bikes. Nothing could be further from the truth. As most motorcyclists know, the greatest danger to them comes from other inattentive car and truck operators.

It’s especially important to obtain a good accident lawyer if you have been injured when riding your motorcycle. Because of their bias against motorcycles, insurance companies seem to fight these claims with much more gusto than other accident cases. You will need someone to collect evidence early on in the claims process in order to disavow the insurance adjuster of the belief that the biker must’ve been “at fault.” Unfortunately, the bias that insurance companies have against bikers is often shared by judges and juries. A good motorcycle attorney will be able to convey the obvious to judges and juries. Some bikers are reckless, and some are not. Just like some car drivers are reckless and some are not. Our firm thinks it is exceptionally important to have a lawyer that has dealt with this prejudice against bikers. It’s an art that has to be learned over the course of handling many motorcycle cases.

Jeff Bloom has represented many injured motorcyclists in Maryland and Washington, DC. He has secured significant recoveries for bikers who have suffered from terrible road rash, permanent deformities, horrific fractures, and exhaust pipe burns.

Sadly, bike accidents tend to involve gruesome injuries because bikers are so exposed and vulnerable. Please let Jeff Bloom help you recover fair compensation and cope with post-accident anxieties.

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