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It’s pretty scary how lax some Maryland and D.C. restaurants can be with sanitation. While accidents do happen, food contamination cases are often the most shocking type of case we deal with. People put their blind trust in restaurants to be clean and serve sanitary food and drink. That trust is often disrespected by inattentive cooks, poorly managed restaurants, and owners trying to save a dime at the expense of their customers’ health and safety.

Our firm has handled a wide variety of food contamination cases. We represented a man who “cracked” several of his teeth when biting down on a bolt hidden within his pasta. We have represented a man who suffered from severe lacerations to his mouth after ingesting a very sharp sliver of metal at a high-end Bethesda restaurant. We have represented individuals who have suffered from very severe food poisoning after ingesting contaminated food.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom, LLC, views these cases as extremely important to society even if the injuries are not severe. While government regulation helps keep our food sources clean, the reality is that some restaurants view food regulations as rules to get around in order to make more money. In those cases, litigation can be a great tool to encourage restaurants to be more careful and more hygienic.

Unfortunately, these cases are not easy to handle. Often times, the restaurant will destroy the food contaminate after convincing injury victims that they need to take the foreign object back for “testing.” Invariably, we see the object disappear preventing critical evidence from being presented to the trial court.

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