Dog Bites / Animal Attacks

Dog Bites / Animal Attacks

A person injured by a dog bite or animal attack in Maryland faces a unique set of problems in order to recover compensation. One of the major difficulties in these cases is that, unlike in a car accident, there is not automatically insurance coverage. Because there is no purpose in bringing a personal injury claim with no prospects of recovering money, one must creatively attempt to identify a source of recovery in any dog bite case. Bloom Law is often able to identify sources of recovery in dog bite cases that, at first glance, may not seem to apply. As examples, there may be homeowner’s, renter’s or umbrella insurance policies that are implicated.

In Maryland, dog bite cases are also unique in that they are often more difficult to prove than a run-of-the-mill personal injury case. In many cases, the law requires an animal attack victim to prove that the animal’s owner knew of the dog’s propensity to attack people before the attack occurs. This is, typically, very difficult. Most animal owners will simply say that the attack was an unusual and isolated incident in order to avoid liability. Because of the state of the law, it is especially important to do a thorough investigation at the outset of any animal attack case. Our firm can assist with an investigation into the animal’s medical history, any prior animal control or police reports regarding the animal, and a canvassing of neighbors to determine whether the attack was foreseeable by the owner.

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