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The most common type of personal injury case is a car accident. Since its inception, Bloom Law has primarily represented people who have been injured in car accidents in Maryland and Washington, DC. Mr. Bloom has represented individuals with a wide variety of car accident related injuries including compression fractures, disc bulges, disc herniation, traumatic brain injuries, and muscle sprains. Our firm takes great pride in its ability to maximize the monetary recovery our clients receive for their accident claims.

As your attorney, Jeffrey R. Bloom is primarily concerned with putting you in the best financial position following a car accident. In order to do so, our firm does not only represent car accident victims in their cases against the at-fault driver. We also help you manage the stresses that result from a car accident injury. For example, Mr. Bloom appreciates that most people are primarily concerned with paying for their medical treatment. Because of that, he assists in making sure that his clients receive appropriate medical treatment in as affordable a manner as possible. Before our firm even begins to focus on recovering from the other driver’s insurance carrier, we will assist you with finding and applying for no-fault insurance coverage and will supply you with our knowledge about how to recover more at the end of your case by using the right insurance coverage at the outset.

After determining whether there is no-fault insurance coverage for your collision, the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom promptly investigates the collision itself, educates you on your options, and identifies possible sources of recovery (many car accident cases involve at least four different insurance policies – no-fault insurance, liability or third party coverage, first party coverage, and health insurance). Our goal is to handle the frustrations that are associated with dealing with various insurance companies for car accident victims so that they can simply focus on recovering and getting back to their daily routines.

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