Assault and Battery

Jeffrey R. Bloom represents clients who have been injured in an assault and battery. When a person is insured in a battery, our firm takes two immediate steps in order to make a monetary recovery more likely down the road. First, Mr. Bloom will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the assault. An immediate investigation is very important in assault cases because it enables the preservation of critical evidence and identification of eye-witnesses, both of which will be crucial to prevailing in the case. Second, Mr. Bloom will attempt to identify insurance coverage that will pay for the loss.

Obtaining a judgment against an individual who assaults you does not alone do much good for injured victims because most people (especially people who are willing to assault others) do not have sufficient funds to pay a sizable judgment. Because of this, it is important to try to find insurance coverage which would apply to the loss. On occasion, personal injury lawyers can find coverage in unusual places. For example, if the assaulting party has homeowners’ insurance, an injury victim might be able to force payment from that policy. This is, however, not always easy because most insurance policies do not cover intentional conduct such as committing an assault. Our firm has experience in not only prosecuting assault and battery cases, but also making sure the time spent doing so is worthwhile by fully investigating sources of recovery.

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