Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents, like bicycle accidents, tend to involved more extreme injuries when compared to your run of the mill car accident case. Again, this is because motorcyclists are totally exposed when collisions occur with other vehicles. Because more severe injuries means more monetary exposure for insurance companies, it seems as if insurance carriers defend these cases with much more enthusiasm than they will with your normal car accident. In doing so, they hope to play on the common misconception that all motorcyclists are reckless when it comes to operating their bikes.

 The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom is experienced in dispelling this notion that any accident involving a motorcycle must be the motorcyclist’s fault. Having been on a bike or two in our day, we understand that the greatest danger to a biker is other drivers not paying attention to what they are doing. If you are a motorcycle rider who has been injured in a car accident, please contact us so that we can help protect your interests and prevent insurance carriers from trying to play on the public’s perception of bikers as reckless individuals.