Civil Litigation

Maryland and Washington, DC Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation is a broad term that encompasses legal disputes in which one party seeks  monetary damages or other civil relief from others. Personal injury and family law cases  are only two common types of civil cases that the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom  provides representation for. Our firm is a full service general litigation firm that handles many types of civil suits, to include:

• Collections

Mr. Bloom handles collections cases on behalf of debtors and creditors in Maryland and  the District of Columbia. He has represented hospitals, financial institutions, small  business owners and individuals who are seeking repayment of monies owed under all  manner of agreements.

Due to the extensive experience he has acquired in representing creditors, Mr. Bloom  also knows certain tricks of the trade which he uses to successfully defend against collection cases on behalf of individuals. The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom firmly  believes it can achieve a more favorable result for debtors than those individuals would  achieve if unrepresented.

• Employment Disputes

In the area of employment law, our firm represents clients with wage and hour loss  claims, failure to pay  overtime claims, trade secret litigation, and non-competition  agreement litigation.

Wage and Hour Loss Cases: Maryland has a body of law that is designed to protect  employees, particularly those with limited bargaining power, from being taken  advantage of by their current or former employers. As a result, certain types of employees  who were not compensated appropriately can claim treble damages (meaning a punitive  multiplier of the actual lost wages). This aspect of Maryland wage law acts to  dissuade employers from failing to pay wages in a timely manner in the first place.

Non-Compete Cases: Mr. Bloom handles non-competition agreement litigation. A non- competition agreement is generally a contract that restricts an employee’s rights  following a termination of the employment relationship. Non-competes can be very  helpful to businesses in protecting their trade secrets, proprietary information, and market  position. Likewise, these agreements can be terribly restrictive for employees who are left  in the precarious situation of being prohibited from finding gainful employment in the  field in their chosen field. Due to employer overreaching, non-compete agreements are  not always enforceable especially in cases where extreme restrictions are imposed on the  employee. Mr. Bloom has helped clients get out of non-compete restrictions and has  helped businesses enforce such agreements by litigation and crafting an agreement that is  carefully designed to be upheld by Maryland courts.

• Structured Settlement Approval Petitions

Our firm represents factoring companies that are seeking court approval of a transfer of  structured settlement payment rights. Jeffrey R. Bloom is well versed in the special  procedural rules that apply to these transactions and works to present an effective  argument to courts on behalf of the factoring companies he represents.

• Insurance Claims

Insurance and insurance carriers play a significant role in civil litigation especially in the  areas of personal injury law, professional malpractice matters, property damage cases,  and subrogation. Mr. Bloom has handled a wide variety of insurance claims effectively  for his clients. His clients have routinely been made whole on claims made with respect  to business interruption insurance policies, homeowner’s policies, automobile insurance  policies, and umbrella policies.

• Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctive Relief

A Temporary Restraining Order and an Injunction are equitable remedies by which a  court can direct someone to do a specific act or refrain from conducting themselves in a  certain  way. Litigants often request injunctive relief in harassment, abuse, civil nuisance,  trade secret, non-compete, and all manner of employment related disputes. Jeffrey R.  Bloom, having handled a variety of injunctive relief cases, is well versed in the unique  procedural process by which a party seeks injunctive relief in Maryland and takes pride in  fashioning effective equitable relief claims.

• Business Litigation and Partnership Disputes

Business disputes between companies and within partnerships often end up in litigation.  The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom represents individuals and businesses in civil  litigation arising from failed  contractual relationships, management disputes, and the  dissolution of closely held corporations. In doing so, Mr. Bloom recognizes that  prevailing in litigation is not the only concern for business litigants who must also be  cognizant of harming their business interests. As a result, our firm attempts to design  flexible litigation plans so as to achieve our client’s litigation and financial goals.