Separation Agreements

The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom drafts separation agreements on behalf of clients seeking to resolve divorce, separation, or custody issues. While litigation often becomes necessary in domestic cases, usually it is in a family’s best interest to resolve separation issues amicably. A separation agreement can save a great deal of money in attorney’s fees and limit the emotional anguish that comes with a divorce.

Most importantly, these agreements allow divorcing spouses to deal with marital property, support, custody and other issues as they see fit as opposed to leaving major life decisions up to a trial judge. In Maryland divorce cases, a judge is constrained by the Maryland Marital Property Act which may result in an unfavorable result in a divorce case. Whereas the law can limit a judge’s ability to fashion a fair resolution in a divorce, divorcing spouses can achieve almost anything through a separation agreement allowing them to protect their family better than the courts can.