Peace, Protective, and Restraining Orders

In Maryland, through requests for peace and protective orders, a person can obtain court ordered protection against abuse, harassment, threats, and all other manner of prohibited conduct. In such cases, it is usually advisable that the victim seek legal assistance in securing an Order as a failure to do so can have devastating consequences. Because so much is on the line in abuse cases, it is important that victims and the accused have assistance in dealing with all of the procedural nuances of prosecuting such a petition.

Jeffrey R. Bloom has tried many domestic violence cases in the State of Maryland. In doing so, he has found that these incredibly important legal remedies are often abused for improper purposes. For example, many divorce cases start with a domestic violence action in which one party seeks litigation advantages as opposed to really needing protection. This truth harms actual victims because judges can become desensitized to the glut of domestic abuse claims that work through the courts.

Mr. Bloom has successfully obtained restraining orders on behalf of victims of abuse, and he has successfully defeated such claims that were made in bad faith, to harass, or to annoy an innocent person.