Food Contamination

The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom represents individuals who have been injured physically or emotionally due to food contamination or food poisoning. Mr. Bloom has recovered monies for individuals who have chipped their teeth on metal objects found in their dinner, who have become ill due to unhygienic food service conditions, and who have simply been shocked by finding unusual objects in their food.

It is important to document these cases well and maintain physical evidence that may help you prevail in food contamination cases. Time and again, unrepresented victims hand over critical evidence, such as the foreign object found in their food, to insurance carriers and restaurant managers only to see that evidence disappear. Our Law Offices will assist you with the process of making a food contamination claim by doing a thorough investigation at the outset so as to appropriately document your claim.

Over the years, Jeffrey R. Bloom has helped his personal injury clients secure millions of dollars in judgments and/or settlements. In his estimation, his success in injury cases comes from the thorough preparation of each case from the outset.