Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries

Car accidents often cause whiplash injury or muscle strains/sprains. A lot of the insurance adjusters that our firm deals with don’t seem to think these injuries are real and certainly don’t seem to appreciate the implications that such injuries can have on an accident victim’s life. As a result, the term “soft tissue” injury has taken on almost a negative connotation in the personal injury field.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom works hard to dispel the notion that a “soft tissue” or whiplash injury is not significant. We do so by providing a court with anecdotal evidence to show just how different our clients’ lives were before and after a car accident. In one soft tissue case, in which Mr. Bloom’s client sustained an admittedly minor muscle strain, our client was forced to stop his very regimented exercise routine because of his injury. Not only was this client deprived of the exercise that he enjoyed and which had become a major element of his life, but he also gained a noticeable amount of weight due to the injury. Even though the medical expenses involved were minimal, Mr. Bloom’s presentation at trial about the daily routine limitations imposed on his client enabled the court to award about $18,000 for pain, suffering, and inconvenience – an amount that nearly tripled our client’s medical expenses.

Even though Mr. Bloom is experienced in litigating major personal injury cases, he spends just as much time developing whiplash and soft tissue cases as he will on a fracture case. It is our belief that giving a soft tissue case great attention increases our clients’ recoveries exponentially.